How to knit baby woolen shoes?

Knitting is a technology, but also a finger movement, but also the mother of the children, the wife of the husband’s deep affection, knitting is a woman’s heart.

The following is a small search and organize the baby wool shoes knitting tutorial, for your reference and learning.

Artistic Characteristics

The woven handicrafts have formed natural, simple, fresh, and concise artistic characteristics in terms of raw materials, colors, and weaving techniques.

Hand-knitted baby wool booties – Cute cat head, cotton, red

In terms of raw materials, the natural light yellow, light brown, creamy white color and texture of corn husk, wheat straw, willow, hemp, etc. give people the beauty of natural qualities and simple artistic enjoyment. Such as Shandong willow weaving baskets, baskets, baskets, flower pot sets, etc., not only present willow elegant light brown, but also embody the weaving process concise, rugged style, rich in natural wildlife.

Hand-knitted baby wool booties – Cute rabbit head, no cotton, pink

In the process, through the use of weaving, winding buckle, nail string, and other techniques, woven into colorful patterns and shapes. Although wheat straw, corn husk, bamboo fence, wicker, and other raw materials have a single color, due to the diversity of the weaving process, the use of dense and sparse contrast, warp and weft intersection, interspersed with the cover pressure, thick and thin contrast and other techniques, so that in the plane of the weaving to form the bump, undulation, hidden, real and virtual relief-like artistic effect, adding color levels, but also shows the exquisite handmade craftsmanship.

Hand-knitted baby wool booties – Cute rabbit head, no cotton, yellow

In terms of decorative methods, the weaving craft also uses cloth paste, embroidery, blueprints, velvet embroidery, and other techniques to make it more colorful. Embroidery, cloth stickers, velvet embroidery, or colorful straw patterns are decorated on the straw and corn husk woven baskets, showing nobility in elegance. Shandong Laixi’s corn husk-wrapped button basket is made of blue printed fabric, which makes the creamy white corn husk-wrapped button weaving more white and delicate against the dark blue color. In the corn husk weaving wall hanging, decorated with corduroy fabric paste pattern, the method is novel.

Hand-knitted baby wool booties – Cute little tiger head, cotton, blue

In terms of color, most of the woven handicrafts in milky white, coffee, light green, light yellow, gray-green, light blue, and other intermediate colors, tonal colors and appropriate in a small area on the use of contrasting colors, to achieve both tonal and contrasting effects, but also shows the elegant, simple artistic characteristics.

Hand-knitted baby wool booties – Cute rabbit ears, cotton, yellow

The first baby shoes

Tools: five strands of milk cotton, No. 3 crochet hook, marking buckle, ruler! Small shoe length of about 12 cm, hand measurement may have an error! Hand loose hand tight, line thickness, and crochet hook size will affect the size.

Hand-knitted baby wool booties – Cute rabbit head, no cotton, red

1, Start with 22 lockstitches.

2. With the lockstitch as the border: two lockstitches apart, hook long stitches in the penultimate lockstitch, hook long stitches in the fourth lockstitch, then hook 18 long stitches in this row. 22F.

Hand-knitted baby wool booties – Cute strawberry, cotton, pink

In the last long stitch of the row, hook five additional long stitches. 5F: In the last stitch of the 18 long stitches, and in the last stitch of the five long stitches, fasten off with a button to make it easier to count the stitches later on!

Lower side: Crochet symmetrically with the upper side, 18 long stitches, 2 long stitches, and 2 extra stitches. 22F. Finally, pull out the locking stitches that were separated from the long stitches at the beginning of the crochet!

3, Set up 3 locking stitches.

Hand-knitted baby wool booties -Cute frog, cotton, yellow

Above: crochet 3 long needles and add stitches, crochet 6 long needles, 3 medium-long needles, 10 short needles, and mark button mark! 25 stitches in total. Add one stitch every other stitch to the five long stitches hooked between the two marked buttons in the previous row, and hook all short stitches, 7X!

Bottom: Then make 10 short stitches, 3 medium-long stitches, 6 long stitches, and 3 long stitches in a symmetrical pattern with the top. 25 stitches in total! End with the previous row of locking stitches!

4, Create 1 lock stitch! Crochet a round of short stitches.

5, Start hooking the upper vamp and set up 3 locking stitches.

Loop 1: Crochet a row of long stitches and half a stitch outside of the short stitches (with your back to yourself).

Loop 2: The first and last of this circle hook 1 two long stitches each and a stitch. Fold the shoe in half, mark the button in the center of the toe, count 10 stitches on each side, mark the mark, and crochet the rest of the long stitches, 20 stitches on each side of the toe, two stitches and one stitch!

Loop 3: This loop at the beginning and end of each hook 1 two long stitches and a needle. Tip of the shoe in the center marker button mark, respectively, to each side of the count of 6 stitches! (13 stitches in the center) Crochet the rest in long stitches! When the long stitch is 6 stitches from the center marker, hook 2 long stitches together! Crochet 5 long stitches together! Crochet 2 more 2 long stitches together! Crochet the rest of the long stitches! Note: Five long stitches and one stitch end up with 6 loops on the crochet hook. Pull it out with the thread all at once!

Loop 4: Crochet one loop of medium-length stitches. Cut a small insole out of cardboard.

Note: The end of the long needle should be drawn with the inner half needle of the third locking needle of the three locking needles (to their side), so that the drawing marks are not obvious, otherwise it will be very ugly! Here a small insole to support me to take pictures beautiful, in fact, do not need it, after supporting the upper is low, the baby will be uncomfortable. Of course, if you want to have a harder sole, you can also use fabric to cut the insole and sew a few more layers of fabric, and if the upper is low, you can add a circle of long stitches in the first and second rows of the upper.

Second baby shoes

Baby’s whole body every place is the focus of the mother’s care, especially the baby’s little feet, always restless stirrups, often kicked off the quilt exposed to the air, so many mothers are hand for the baby with wool knitting baby shoes, to bring warmth to the baby. Moms can see these zebra striped baby shoes knitting, is knitted with different shades of green wool, look like a pair of small boots, and worn on the baby’s little feet, that is, beautiful and cute, but also along with the ankle can also keep warm.

Materials needed for baby shoe knitting: Two different shades of green yarn, crochet hooks to match yarn thickness, crochet hook markers for knitting, and 4 bronze buttons.

Steps for knitting baby shoes with wool:

The length of the bottom of the shoes and socks corresponding to the baby’s month:

0-3 months sole length is 9 cm;
3-6 months the length of the bottom of the shoes and socks is 10 centimeters;
6-9 months the length of the bottom of the shoes and socks is 12 centimeters.

1, Start the needle (0-3 months start with 11 chain stitches, 3-6 months start with 12 chain stitches, 6-9 months start with 14 chain stitches)

2, Start the first round of knitting.

3, Second round of knitting for the sole.

4, The third circle …..

5, Wrap up at the center of the heel.

6, Start the upper part of the knitting, which is also the beginning of the fourth circle, 48 stitches jump stitches.

7, The fifth circle to change the color of yarn knitting, also 48 stitches skip stitches.

8, The sixth circle …..

9, The seventh circle ……

10, The eighth circle in the toe part of the needle, only 41 stitches.

11, The ninth circle, continues to the toe part of the needle, only 36 stitches.

12, The tenth circle is still in the head of the shoe to close the needle, only 28 stitches left.

13, The eleventh circle, the final upper closed only 24 stitches.

14, The twelfth circle, the beginning of the upper part of the knitting, if it is the right foot shoes and socks, then on the right side of the shoe put out 7 stitches (as shown below), if it is the left foot shoes and socks, then in the left side of the shoe to put out 7 stitches.

15, The thirteenth circle to continue the knitting of the upper.

16, Until you reach the tenth long loop.

17, Finally give the edge of the upper part of the shoes with dark green crochet a circle to close the edge.

18, And finally the cute little shoes and socks with pinned buttons are done.

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